Posted on: 6 September, 2019

Best autumn dinner recipes for all the family

We’re approaching the middle of September, and the height of summer will soon be a distant memory. This does, however, mean that we’re also fast approaching autumn – a season that’s associated with cosy, dark nights and spiced root vegetables. The colder weather makes way for warming, soothing recipes that provide welcome feelings of comfort and nostalgia. As the leaves turn brown and nights draw in, be sure to try some of the below recipes, which can be easily adapted to serve a quiet dinner for 2, or a dinner party of 6.

Jamie Oliver's chilli con carne

A classic chilli con carne is a highly comforting dish. It’s like a hug in a bowl; gentle autumnal spices combined with rich beef and an abundance of seasonal vegetables. Jamie Oliver has taken the traditional recipe and added his own twist, creating a meal that bursts with enriched flavours. Although categorised as a super-easy recipe, it does take a few hours to make – so this option is ideal if you’re planning on dedicating an afternoon to cooking something tasty. To see the full list of ingredients and the method, click here.


Rotisserie chicken and potato chowder

This recipe is more suited to those days where you’re looking to create something relatively quickly, but something that’s still packed with flavour. This chowder is a more filling option than soup, but retains that irreplaceable comfort that soup provides. Chowders are commonly enjoyed as a warming bowl, sometimes served with a slice of sourdough. This one-pot meal is great for families, and is flexible enough to adapt as you wish.

Turkey pot pies with bacon, caramelised onions and butternut squash

It’s never too early to start cooking with turkey – and there’s all the more reason to do so as the temperature drops. Pies are another unfailing British dish that offers all the warmth and comfort needed for the colder months. Combined with sweet, caramelised onions and butternut squash, a member of the pumpkin family, this truly is the ultimate autumnal pie dish.

French onion soup casserole

The classic French onion soup undergoes a makeover in this casserole recipe. This is the French onion soup lover’s solution to a more filling alternative, taking all aspects of the traditional recipe to create a one-pot dish that bursts with flavour and texture. This recipe requires fewer ingredients, and some of them can be prepared in advance, so is a great option for busier days. Click here to see the full recipe.


It can be difficult to say goodbye to the warmer months, but making the effort to cook delicious, comforting meals as the colder season approaches can help to make the transition a more enjoyable one. Earlier in the year, we wrote an article highlighting some warming soup recipes – click here to read more.

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