Posted on: 12 July, 2019

The benefits of having an e-reader

Although, undoubtedly, there’s nothing that can replace the smell and feel of a new (or indeed old) book, the invention of the e-reader has really helped to make reading a more convenient hobby, and easier to maintain in today’s busy world. Not only that, but e-readers bring exciting new features to keen readers, from the ability to ‘X-ray’ a book (more on this below), to highlighting memorable quotes without making a tangible mark on the page.



Perhaps one of the most advantageous aspects of e-readers is their weight and capacity. Their lightweight structure allows the user to easily carry an e-reader in their bag, without it taking up too much space or weight. Similarly, e-readers fit neatly into suitcases, eliminating the need to pack multiple books, and thus using up unnecessary luggage space – leaving room for more necessary items.


Extra features

E-readers are equipped with on-the-go features that you simply don’t have access to with a book. Offering built-in dictionaries, readers can easily search the definition of a word, or translate a sentence from one language to another. Many of today’s e-readers also have an ‘X-ray’ feature, which allows the reader to gain deeper insight into the characters, locations and key features of the novel. This can become particularly useful if you’re reading multiple books at once, or if you need a quick re-cap of the story line.


Readers also have the ability to keep track of their timings, since most e-readers are able to tell them roughly how long it will take to finish the chapter or full book. The interactive nature of e-readers also allows users to add and edit comments throughout, and place multiple bookmarks.


Eye health

There’s nothing better for eye health than reading a standard book. However, those who favour electronic reading alternatives will find that e-readers are designed with eye health in mind – unlike many tablets, mobile phones and computer screens. E-readers are designed with the backlight removed, which is the main culprit for causing eye strain. Evenly spread, adjustable lights beneath the screen allow for readers to get lost in a novel both day and night.


The text size adjustment feature also supports a number of eyesight abilities – those who struggle to read small text can increase the size, and vice versa.


Beat the bookshops

Just because you’re the owner of an e-reader, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a trip to your local bookshop. However, if you’re keen to get ahead of the retail stores, you can often pre-purchase books on your e-reader before they are released – and what’s more, you can do it in the comfort of your own home.


Broad library of materials

E-readers aren’t just limited to books. Users can also download magazines and newspapers from wherever they are – provided that they have internet connection. Additionally, readers can own over 1,000 books, without ever having to worry about physical clutter.


Although e-readers can’t replace books with regard to the nostalgia they provide, they are most certainly an alternative to consider, given the multitude of benefits they provide to an avid reader’s lifestyle.

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