Posted on: 9 June, 2022

Health and Safety at Home | Ensuring Peace of Mind for Your Loved One

We’re looking at the different ways you can ensure health and safety at home for your loved one to provide peace of mind for both of you.

Health and safety at home is a necessity at any time, but particularly as you get older. So, when you enter retirement, it’s often a good idea to start planning ahead for all eventualities. 

In this blog, we’re sharing 7 ways your loved one can implement health and safety at home to help provide peace of mind for the future:

Health and Safety at Home: Implement Mobility Support

As your loved one gets older, you may want to consider planning ahead for their health and safety at home. Incorporating mobility safety measures can help to prevent trips or falls, leading to a healthier, more independent lifestyle.

Handrails, for example, can help your loved one to manoeuvre safely up and down the stairs, whilst slopes instead of steps can reduce the risk of tripping. 

You may also want to consider whether they have safe access routes throughout their home, for example by moving or replacing bulky furniture. It’s a good idea to ensure that cables and wires are safely tucked away, too, and that mats or rugs are secure, to help prevent trips and falls.

Install a Camera Doorbell

To ensure your loved one’s health and safety at home, it might be helpful to install security cameras, or video doorbells, to give you and them peace of mind. 

These can also be useful when your loved one is out and about or on holiday, as their mobile phone can alert them to activity on their property

Health and Safety at Home: Functional Alarm Systems

Alarm systems can help to provide reassurance, and reinforce health and safety at home. 

Ensure that your loved one’s security, fire and carbon monoxide alarms are working properly by testing them on a regular basis, to help provide you both with some reassurance about their health and safety at home. 

Movement alarms are helpful, too, since they can detect sudden or unexpected changes that may indicate a fall. The device will then send an automatic alert to notify a family member or health practitioner, ensuring your loved one gets help right away.

Ensure that Locks are Secure

Secure locks can help to provide peace of mind for your loved one’s health and safety at home. Ensure that the front and back door locks are working efficiently, and that the garden gate lock is secure, too. 

You may consider having a key to the property, too, to ensure you can get in and out safely if needed.

Health and Safety at Home: Check That Appliances are Safe

It’s important to check that appliances are all functioning properly and are safe to use. This includes white goods, electrical appliances and boilers. 

Ensure that your loved one stays up-to-date with their gas safety checks, and encourage them to switch off their appliances when they’re not using them.

Ensure that Objects Are Within Easy Reach

To avoid your loved one straining, reaching or climbing up to retrieve an item, ensure that any objects they might need are at a lower level. 

For example, books, kitchen appliances or keys should be moved to a low shelf where your loved one can access them easily.

You should also ensure that their home has adequate lighting to enable them to see clearly; this can help to prevent accidents in the home.

Health and Safety at Home: Keep a List of Emergency Contacts

To ensure your loved one’s health and safety at home, write a list of emergency contacts down for them and keep it by the phone. This can help you and your loved one feel more at ease that they can call for help should they need it. 

You could include family, friends, neighbours, their GP, and any other numbers you feel may be useful for them.

It’s important to consider health and safety at home when your loved one enters retirement. You may find it useful to explore retirement properties, as this will ensure your loved one has a strong support network around them as they get older. Please contact a member of the Friary Meadow team to find out more about their retirement living options. 

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