Posted on: 1 March, 2022

6 Exercises for Older Adults | How to Improve Your Overall Health

Regular exercise is essential for improving your overall health. Here, we're sharing 6 exercises for older adults to help improve physical and mental health.

Are you keen to discover some easy and effective ways to stay fit and healthy?


Exercise is essential for your physical and mental wellbeing, so we’ve put together a list of exercises for older adults to help you get started:

Exercises for Older Adults: The Benefits of Walking

Walking is a great way for you to stay fit in your senior years; it’s effective, fun and free.


You might choose to leave your car at home and walk to the shops, go for a power walk around the block, or invite a friend for a long and leisurely ramble. Increasing your step count each day can have a positive impact on both your mental and physical health.


Walking helps to strengthen your body and improve your balance, whilst the fresh air offers you the opportunity to clear your mind.

Exercise in a Swimming Pool

Exercising in a swimming pool helps to relieve pressure on your joints as it takes the weight off your feet. This makes it one of the most beneficial exercises for older adults.


You can take part in an aqua aerobics class or swim a few lengths; both are fun ways to exercise. Whichever method you choose, exercising in a pool can help to reduce the risk of long-term illnesses, since it’s a great way of improving your cardiovascular health.

Try a Sports Activity with a Partner

Gentle competitive sports with a friend, such as tennis or badminton, are great ways to transform regular exercise into a fun, interactive activity.


Whether you engage in a simple rally or you try your hand at a short game, games that get you moving help to increase the heart rate and get your blood pumping.

Exercises for Older Adults: Cycling

Cycling can help to improve your posture and joint mobility, both of which can help you to maintain your balance in later life.


Regularly exercising on a bike, whether that’s a static exercise bike or a mountain bike, can improve your health and help you maintain your weight. Over time, you’ll enjoy long-term health benefits – from toned muscles to improved cardiovascular health.


There are plenty of cycling routes in local parks or woodlands you can explore; why not invite a friend to join you for regular cycling sessions?

Finish Your Day with Yoga

Yoga is one of the most beneficial exercises for older adults, as it gently helps you to stretch and strengthen your body.


You can choose which level you feel most comfortable with, and there are often alternative ways to practise more advanced poses – such as using a yoga block to support various joints in the body.


Yoga can help to strengthen your bones, preventing conditions such as osteoporosis. It’s also beneficial for mental health, as it’s typically practised in a calming environment with gentle music.

Exercises for Older Adults: Tai Chi

Tai Chi was originally used to teach self-defence, but has since developed into a gentle exercise that’s often used to relieve stress.


Tai Chi is often performed using graceful, flowing movements. The exercise encourages you to practise deep breathing, whilst focusing on stretching your body.


Typically, you’ll move through each posture without pausing. This ensures that you’re constantly in motion throughout the session.


This low impact form of exercise helps to improve your flexibility and increase your fitness levels and stamina.

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