Posted on: 23 December, 2021

Reconnecting With Old Friends | Friendships in Retirement

Many people have been feeling the effects of loneliness since the pandemic. Here, we look at reconnecting with old friends, as you look to combat loneliness.

Are you considering reconnecting with old friends?


As you get older, you may find that your friendships drift apart due to family, jobs and moving home. If you’re heading into retirement, why not use this time to reconnect with those old friends of yours? 


Here, we’re exploring the best ways to reconnect:

Reach Out to Your Old Friends

Reaching out is the first step in reconnecting. Once you retire, you’ll have more free time – so why not use this to arrange a catch-up with old friends?


If you use social media, you could send them a friend request, or if you’re sending them a Christmas card, why not attach your number and ask them to contact you to arrange a get-together in the new year?

Reconnecting With Old Friends: Organise a Reunion

If you had a large group of friends, but you’ve all lost contact over the years, why not organise a reunion party?


You could simply arrange to meet for dinner, or you could organise a themed party.


It may be daunting to try and organise a reunion, but your old friends are sure to be delighted at the opportunity to catch up with you again.

Reconnecting With Old Friends: Send Them a Surprise

Once you’ve reached out to your friend, you could send them a surprise in the post; it can be a great way to break the ice. It could be some flowers, an old photograph of the two of you, or a meaningful letter. 


By sending them a thoughtful surprise, you’ll open up a creative pathway for conversation, helping you to re-build your friendship.

Invite Them to Your Birthday Celebrations

If a lot of time has passed since you last saw each other, you may be feeling apprehensive about reconnecting with old friends.


Inviting them to your birthday party can be a great opportunity to reconnect. As you’ll have other friends and family present, you’ll both feel less pressure and will be able to spend time with each other in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Reconnecting With Old Friends: Find New Reasons to Connect

Reconnecting with old friends may feel difficult, as your lives will likely have moved in different directions.


This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, though. Instead, why not find new ways to connect? When you meet, ask them questions about their new interests, and share yours with them. You might bond over similarities in your work or home life, or enjoy the same hobbies or sports. 


Getting to know each other all over again will be fun; it’ll be like having a new friend, with all the warmth and comfort from the memories you share from the past. 


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