Posted on: 28 July, 2021

Best Technology for Seniors: Staying Connected

What is the best technology for seniors? In an ever-evolving world of advanced technology, we look at the current best devices to help seniors stay connected.
by Extra Care Living
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    Over the past year, many elderly people have turned to technology to help them stay connected throughout the pandemic.


    As we slowly recover and life regains some normality, we’re looking at the future of technology, and how the pandemic may have changed the way we use it going forward in everyday life.


    Many elderly people who live far away from their loved ones may now find they have a new lease of life when it comes to using technology to reduce feelings of loneliness. 


    So, what is the best technology for seniors?

    E-Readers Provide Simple Entertainment

    E-readers are an easily accessible entertainment source for seniors. They’re portable, lightweight, and have options to change the font size for easier reading.


    If your eyesight is deteriorating, or you find it difficult to hold a book open for long periods, having an e-reader can help you immerse yourself back into the world of reading. You might also benefit from audiobooks in this instance. Why not register for audiobooks on a platform such as Audible?


    Additionally, e-readers can promote conversations with others about the books they’ve read, or even encourage you to join a book club. This can help you stay connected and help improve your mental health.

    Webcams or Camera Phones Can Facilitate Video Calls

    Having a camera phone or webcam is a great way for you to stay connected, as you can use regular video calling to see family members or friends.


    This is especially useful if you live alone or don’t get to see your family as often as you’d like, as you can see them in real-time rather than just over the phone.


    A webcam or camera phone is a wonderful way for you to communicate and watch your grandchildren grow from a distance until you can all be together again.

    Smart Devices Can Provide Reassurance and Help Your Loved One Stay Connected

    Smart devices such as Amazon’s Alexa can help you stay connected by enabling you to set reminders for phone calls and call your family with just your voice.


    Smart devices can also provide comfort by offering entertainment such as music, quizzes and even joke-telling. You can also set medication reminders and organise shopping lists, making independent living much easier.

    Tablets and Computers Can Enable Your Loved One to Stay Connected

    A device such as a tablet or a computer can enable you to access social media platforms and emails as a means of staying connected.


    Busy lifestyles can sometimes mean you don’t have time to catch up as much as you’d like, so engaging on social media platforms with photos and updates can help you to increase your interactions and stay up to date much more efficiently.


    You could see regular photos of your grandchildren, or share your own pictures of your gardening handiwork, for example; then, you can comment on each other’s updates freely to bridge the gap between phone calls.

    Podcasts Make for Great Listening

    Podcasts are a popular way of listening to discussions, debates and anecdotes, covering a wide range of topics. You can access them via platforms such as Google, Apple or Spotify.


    You can listen in real-time or catch up at a later date, meaning you can tune in whenever you’re free. 


    Many podcasts have live questions and answers, so if you feel passionate about a particular topic, you can join in.


    It’s a great way for you to stay updated with current affairs, and help you feel connected to the world around you – something that has been particularly helpful for those in lockdown or having to self-isolate. 


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