Posted on: 24 June, 2021

Best Home Decluttering Tips: Keep Your Space Tidy

Is your home in need of a spring clean? Discover our best home decluttering tips so you can make the most of your living space.
by Extra Care Living
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    Is your home in need of a declutter?


    Downsizing in retirement makes good sense – but many people put off doing it because they have a lifetime of clutter and don’t know how to fit it all into a smaller property. And even if you don’t plan on moving just yet, a busy, cluttered environment can often make you feel anxious and uncomfortable, and the longer you leave it, the more difficult it can be to get started with your spring cleaning.


    This week, we’re offering our best home decluttering tips to help you enjoy your living space again:

    Focus on One Room at a Time

    It’s important to focus on one area at a time. Trying to achieve too much too soon may lead to feelings of overwhelm – and you may struggle to get past the first hurdle. Consequently, you may become frustrated and unmotivated.


    Your living room is a good place to start. Begin by sorting through items such as books, magazines, and ornaments. 


    A helpful method for decluttering your home is to organise your items into ‘keep’, ‘sell/donate’, and ‘dispose of’ piles. Try to use boxes or bags for this, and perhaps label them, so that it becomes easier to organise your items at the next stage. Each step of the process is about simplifying your task so you don’t feel overwhelmed. 


    Once you’ve sorted into your three categories, take them straight to the charity shop, car boot sale, or arrange them into your seasonal storage at home. It’s easy to store them until you find time, but this will create more clutter elsewhere.


    Next, focus on larger items, such as furniture. Use the same method for sorting through the items you’d like to keep. Are there any pieces you could repurpose or upcycle? Perhaps you have a beautiful side table that doesn’t match your colour scheme; could you repaint it?

    Dust Down Your Decluttered Room

    Once you’ve decluttered the area and rearranged it, give the room a thorough clean, including places such as skirting boards, windows, mirrors, and shelves. You could add in some fresh houseplants to help clean the air and brighten up the space. 


    Why not try making your own cleaning products? These are much better for the environment and often work out cheaper. Making your own natural products is also beneficial for your health, as it helps to reduce the chemicals that are found in household cleaning products. Try mixing lemon, water, and white vinegar together in a reusable spray bottle for a multi-purpose, scented cleaner.


    Once the first room is completed, have a rest and enjoy it. You’ll feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment by ticking a room off your list, and it’ll help motivate you to continue through the rest of your home.

    Find Ways to Enjoy the Process

    You may find that listening to music as you go keeps you feeling upbeat and helps you to enjoy the task. Decluttering can be a tedious process, so singing your way through it can help to keep you motivated. 


    Alternatively, you may like to ask a friend or family member to help you. Having some help will not only encourage you to get the job done more quickly; it may also provide opportunities for reminiscing as you sift through items you’ve collected over the years.

    Invest in Clever Storage

    It’s important to remind yourself of your end goal throughout the process. Of course, you should hang onto memories and sentimental items, but try to prioritise them. Find ways to store the items you do want to keep so that you don’t end up overwhelming your living space.


    Clever storage is a great way to minimise what you have on display. Look for ways to implement storage solutions into your home. You could use ottomans, shelving in the spare cupboard, and storage baskets for your bookshelves to utilise your space and ensure that all your items have a ‘home’.


    Using baskets to organise your kitchen cupboards can help you to keep stock of what you have. It’s also a good idea to arrange your shelves into food groups and label jars or boxes. This can help you save money on your grocery shopping and help your kitchen space feel more manageable on a day-to-day basis. 


    So, now that you know how to declutter your home, give it a go and see if you can reap the benefits of having a clear, relaxed living space. 


    Now that you’ve discovered our best home decluttering tips, why not have a read of our previous blog for advice on how to overcome the psychological impacts of retirement?


    Alternatively, contact a member of our team for more information about retirement living.

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