Posted on: 1 April, 2019

How does living in a retirement development affect your mental health?

It’s no secret that the transition from working life to retirement can evoke a mixture of emotions.

It’s no secret that the transition from working life to retirement can evoke a mixture of emotions – from feelings of excitement to a fear of the unknown, this stage of life can be a shock to the system. As an individual’s retirement story reaches the lattermost chapters, many find it beneficial to seek extra care and support. Living alone at this stage is associated with an array of difficulties and moving into a retirement development as this point has proven beneficial for many. From providing social amenities to offering on-site transport and care wherever required, residents live a new life with professional care and support that still allows them to retain full independence. They’re also available to those who are just entering retirement – and can offer individuals a thoroughly positive and healthy lifestyle.


In addition to allowing the resident to live a full, normal life, Extra Care developments provide a range of health benefits to retired individuals. Loneliness, one of the main causes of depression for older people, need never be an issue in retirement developments, since residents are able to live amongst like-minded people – ultimately resulting in a more positive atmosphere. Many people living in these properties also report feeling more in control of their lives – since having on-site amenities and readily available transport allows residents to plan their day more easily.


The sense of belonging commonly felt in the workplace can be re-instilled in a retirement development. You’ll become part of a community, making friends as you go along and being placed amongst people with similar interests. This is extremely healthy for the mind, preventing feelings of isolation that are all too common during retirement.


The flexibility that retirement developments offer is the true difference between a retirement complex and a care home. With a range of fun activities, transport options and optional care facilities on site, the residents can truly tailor their living experience to their personal needs and requirements. They also offer financial peace of mind, since the costs of living on site are much cheaper – with medical care, therapy and cleaning services offered at much lower rates.


Retirement developments encourage residents to take up new hobbies – with many having the necessary resources for them to do so. This is extremely beneficial to an individual’s mental health – providing a focus and opportunity to try something new.


There are many reasons to consider retirement development living, considering the multitude of health benefits that they provide – from stress-free living to endless social opportunities on the resident’s doorstep.

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