Posted on: 13 June, 2019

Best UK cities to discover

City breaks are becoming ever-more popular, and are great for those who love to discover new places on a budget. It’s surprising how one area of the UK can be so different from another, with some featuring quaint, cobbled streets and others offering spectacular skylines and stunning landscapes.



If you haven’t already ventured to Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, then this needs to become part of your bucket list. Renowned for its heritage and architectural riches, Edinburgh is blessed with stunning natural views of Arthur’s Seat, which are supplemented by the beautifully aged stone of the Old Town and the Georgian splendour of the New Town. This picturesque location has plenty to offer its visitors – from the iconic Edinburgh Castle, to being the number one festival city in the world.



With famous landmarks that range from Big Ben’s Queen Elizabeth Tower and Buckingham Palace to the iconic London Eye, London is home to many of England’s most historic, valued and recognised sites, attracting visitors from all over the world. It’s also a phenomenal location for shopping – with Harrods a more than decent starting point for the uninitiated.



Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Georgian and Roman architecture that can be seen across the city makes it truly worth a visit. Surrounded by magnificent countryside, guests who visit the Avon Valley can relax in the open air pool at Bath’s Thermae Bath Spa, or view artwork from a range of local artists in the museum. Literature fans can also visit the Jane Austen Centre, which showcases her life and inspirations.



Dating back as far as 1209, the University of Cambridge is a historic institution, synonymous with the city. Built on education and academia, Cambridge has provided the likes of Stephen Hawking and Charles Darwin with the platform for their studies. In addition to its enthralling architecture and academic history, Cambridge also offers visitors a diverse array of places to eat – from street stalls to cafés and a food market.



Recognised for its colourful beach huts and grand pier, Brighton is the ideal spot for a seaside break. Offering countryside and seafront walks, visitors can enjoy a serene, tranquil setting on the one hand, while Brighton is also known for its quirky shops, as well as its fascinating music and arts scenes.


Each of these cities bursts with culture, and collectively, are just a few of the superb locations that the UK has to offer. Exploring different parts of the UK is certainly a worthwhile hobby to adopt during retirement, since you’ve got the time to really appreciate the country’s finer points.

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