Posted on: 18 October, 2019

Why you should have a senior travel card

As we enter retirement age, many of us can expect to receive a pension. Although this does help to make the transition from full-time work easier, the lack of a regular income can instil feelings of anxiety and vulnerability.


It’s important that retired individuals take the time to research discounts that have become available to them; there are plenty of schemes on offer, particularly when it comes to travel. These offer financial peace of mind, helping the pension to stretch further and allowing individuals to continue enjoying their travels.


Stress facilitated by financial worries can, eventually, have mental and physical health implications – which, particularly at this time of life, should be avoided at all costs. So, it’s important to try and relieve financial anxieties by taking advantage of the schemes that are on offer.

Senior railcard

If you regularly travel by train, it’s definitely worth doing some research around railcards. National Rail offers transport concessions for seniors, who can save ⅓ on a range of fares, and is available to purchase for anyone over the age of 60. The railcard has an initial price of £30, but after two journeys, you will have already started to save money. You can apply for your railcard here; once you’ve signed up and entered your details, you’ll receive your card in the post. Alternatively, you can purchase your railcard at a rail station if that’s easier.

London Freedom Pass

If you’re an elderly individual living in London, you’ll most certainly need to use a variety of transport services to travel around the capital. Although a standard Oyster Card can help to save on rail travel, there are further savings available for older people. London Freedom Passes usually become available once state pension age is reached, and these offer free or discounted travel for all those living in the London area that wish to travel across London networks – including National Rail, trams, the underground and buses.

National Express senior travelcard

Similarly to National Railcards, with a National Express travelcard, seniors aged 60 and over can enjoy ⅓ off bus travel. Travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays is also further discounted, with return tickets costing just £15 each. To find out if you’re eligible for a bus travelcard, you can use GOV’s State Pension Calculator – since the age for eligibility varies according to where you were born, and where you live.


If you’re soon to be retired, it’s worth taking some time to research travel discounts that you’ll be eligible for. If you haven’t already, consider gaining access to a smartphone, tablet or computer, since you’re more likely to discover a wider range of schemes and discounts if you explore the internet.

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