Posted on: 20 January, 2020

5 things travel blogs will tell you that travel agents won’t

Looking to escape the stresses of daily life to somewhere calm and serene?


If you’ve already started your holiday search, chances are you’ve scrolled through an online travel system, or visited a travel agent.


However, there are much more reliable (and honest!) methods of doing your holiday research, such as travel blogs. They’re inspiring, and more often than not, provide detailed and honest opinions and reviews.


Travel agents and booking systems are helpful in securing you that much-needed trip away, however, you’d benefit greatly from looking at travel blogs for your initial research. 


So what, exactly, will blogs offer you that travel agents won’t?

Advice specific to their niche

Unlike travel agents, most travel bloggers have a niche. Some bloggers, for example, address the reader as though they are a travel buddy, taking them through their journey and sharing both good and bad experiences. 


Some bloggers opt to tell their stories from a van, specialising in road trip journeys and often keeping a photography-focused online journal.


Others focus more on family life, offering the viewpoint of a parent, and tips for travelling with small children. For the environmentally aware, there are plenty of blogs out there that focus on sustainable travelling, too.


Whatever your specific travel needs and/or interests are, you’ll more than likely find a selection of blog pages from which to gain inspiration.

Neutral opinions/recommendations

Where some online booking systems are biased on specific areas, travel bloggers differ in that most of their opinions are completely honest and neutral.


Some travel bloggers do, of course, work in collaboration with paid sponsorships – but recent updates in legislation require them to clearly state when an opinion is influenced in this way. It’s not always as clear with online travel systems, though, so you may be exposed to recommendations influenced by promotions.


Bloggers, on the other hand, tend to tell authentic, ‘in the moment’ stories, giving their account from the point of view of the traveller.

Their experience in honest imagery

Whilst online booking systems and travel agents can offer a selection of imagery, it’s often limited and may be out-of-date. Many travel bloggers, though, tend to enjoy supporting their online journal with updated imagery, carrying a camera with them wherever they go. 

Depending on the blogger’s preferences, some travel blog pages are image-heavy, featuring realistic photographs of their recent visits.

A truly personal experience

When speaking to a travel agent or scrolling through an online comparison site, you’ll more than likely receive a general account of the area, discovering the main features at surface level.

However, a travel blogger can offer a complete personalised experience, offering in-depth reviews of things you may not have thought about; such as the safety levels of different areas, or particularly good/bad experiences of certain restaurants. You’ll also discover the feelings and emotions experienced by the blogger during their visit, as well as finding out which areas would be more suitable for your specific needs.

How to be a smart traveller

There’s a difference between being a traveller, and being a smart traveller. Travel agents can tell you what to expect in the area you’re visiting, but they won’t tell you how to pack your suitcase more wisely, or which clothing items are more suitable. Travel blogs tend to feature posts that focus on these things, offering their personal advice to help you to become a more efficient traveller.


Some travel blogs we’re currently enjoying are:

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