Posted on: 20 December, 2019

Unique Christmas present wrapping ideas

Christmas Eve is getting closer, which can only mean one thing – it’s almost time to exchange gifts. For some, Christmas gift wrapping is a somewhat mundane task – whilst others revel in their creativity. Whatever it is that you’re wrapping this year, there’s every reason to make it a fun experience.


We’re on the verge of entering a brand new decade – so take the opportunity to get more creative and put a unique stamp on your gifts!

Nature-inspired, authentic wrapping accessories

Surprise your friends and family with natural gift toppers. Not only do they add a personalised, rustic appearance, they also act as a more sustainable gift wrapping solution – and you have the perfect excuse to explore the surrounding woodland.


Try tying seasonal pine cones/branches, holly sprigs, wheat or dried herbs to the top of your gifts. These work beautifully when paired with plain brown wrapping paper and string, creating an artisan, authentic appearance and, depending on your choice, a wonderful scent.

Mini wreaths for gift boxes

Wreaths are extremely versatile options for the festive season, and can be made to suit whatever it is that you’re decorating. These work beautifully with gift boxes; you can simply create a mini wreath out of natural materials, and attach it to the top – preferably with the names of the gift recipients in the centre.


Mini wreaths can be made with a variety of different textures – from rosemary sprigs and pine cones, to twigs and berries. Click here for more inspiration.

Edible decorative pieces

If there’s anything better than receiving a Christmas gift from a loved one, it’s receiving one with an edible gift tag. Rather than purchasing card gift tags, try baking your own. It’s a truly unique way to present your gifts to your loved ones, and they’ll no doubt be grateful for the addition of a sweet treat.


You could, for example, bake some gingerbread cookies or stained-glass style biscuits, and pipe the gift recipient’s name on with icing. Make sure to leave a small hole in the top before baking, though, so you can loop the string through when attaching it to your gift.

Old sheet music or pages of old books: a sustainable solution

Rather than using shop-bought wrapping paper, try using some old materials that are lying around the house. Old sheet music and book pages work really well as traditional, sustainable alternatives, and look beautiful when paired with rustic string and miniature bells.


If you don’t want to use these as wrapping paper alternatives, you could simply pair cut-outs with sturdy card to make homemade gift tags.

Handmade gift tags: recyclable card, calligraphy & water colour

If you’ve left your gift wrapping to the last minute but still want to add something unique and personalised, try purchasing some plain, recyclable gift tags and decorate them at home. Water colour effects work beautifully with calligraphy or typewriter style fonts, whilst tea-stained tags look great when paired with fragrant herb sprigs.


If you haven’t already tried any of these ideas, why not give them a go this year? They’re relatively easy to replicate, and can really work to add a personal, handmade touch to your gifts this festive season.

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