Posted on: 20 April, 2021

Taking Care of Yourself: 7 Ways to Detox Your Body and Mind

Detoxing your body & mind is key to living a healthier lifestyle. We've put together this guide to show you how you can make self-care your priority.

Have you been taking care of yourself?


Over the past year, we’ve all had to find ways to adapt to a new way of life – and for many of us, this has meant facing new challenges.


However, important to continue look after your physical and emotional wellbeing – so we’ve put together this self-care guide to help you rejuvenate your body and mind and get you back to being your best self:

Taking Care of Yourself: Spring Clean Your Living Space

When we are amongst clutter, feelings of anxiety and stress can surface. Taking the time to clear out your home will help you to create a calm, peaceful space that encourages mindfulness and relaxation.


When you’re ready to give your space a spring clean, consider freshening up the paintwork and adding some potted plants to brighten it up and make it feel more inviting.


House plants can help purify the air and remove toxins too, by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen through the photosynthesis process.

Taking Care of Yourself: Practise Mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditation can help you focus on your breathing and live in the moment.


When you feel overwhelmed by the thoughts racing in your head, deep breathing can help to bring you back to the present and put your negative thoughts into perspective.


Noticing the world around you and appreciating the present moment – the smell of your morning coffee, the sound of the birds singing, the feel of the grass under your feet – can all help you to feel calmer and better prepared for dealing with day-to-day stresses. 


Try to incorporate mindfulness and/or meditation into your every day to ensure you’re taking care of yourself.

Refresh Your Food Cupboards

Take a moment to take stock of what’s in your kitchen. If you have more biscuits than vegetables, it may be time to rethink your shopping habits.


Unhealthy foods can cause sluggishness and make you lose motivation for everyday activities. Try to incorporate 5 portions of fruits and vegetables into your diet every day and reduce your sugar intake to improve your mental and physical health.


Treats in moderation are fine as part of a healthy, balanced diet – but if you find yourself heading for the chocolate too frequently, reduce your intake to just a couple of squares of dark chocolate per day. Dark chocolate is high in iron and contains antioxidants, so it provides excellent health benefits when enjoyed in healthy doses.

Taking Care of Yourself: Creative Expression

A great self-care tip is to find creative ways to express your feelings.


Pick up a paintbrush and let your creativity flow – you may be surprised how different each piece looks depending on how you’re feeling at the time.


Painting can be extremely therapeutic; it may be interesting to take notice of the colours, strokes, and styles you go for when you’re in a good mood, compared to when you’re feeling low. 


If you’re not feeling artistic, journalling is another valuable way to offload some steam and rationalise your thoughts. Once you’ve written how you’re feeling, you may be surprised at how much lighter you feel. 

Take up a Hobby

Pursuing a hobby can help to combat loneliness and provide a sense of purpose. 


Whether your hobby is gardening, reading, swimming, or knitting, ensure you’re taking care of yourself by doing something that you truly enjoy. Try to incorporate a little time for this each day, if you can.

Increase Your Activity Level

It’s important in self-care to look after your physical health. Try to incorporate exercise into your daily routine to help your body feel stronger and more agile. 


As well as engaging in dedicated exercise, try to be more active in everyday living too. This could involve walking to the shop instead of driving, moving around to water the garden plants, or having a quick tidy-up around the house.


Physical activity can have both immediate and long-term benefits on your physical and mental health by improving your strength, releasing chemicals to your brain that make you feel good, and reducing your risk of serious conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.

Increase Your Water Consumption

Water is an essential part of life. When consumed in healthy quantities, it can help to boost many of your bodily functions including internal organ function, digestion, mood regulation and memory. 


It’s recommended that you drink six to eight glasses of water per day; this can help your body to flush out toxins where necessary.


Staying hydrated is essential for self-care, but try to limit your intake of alcohol, caffeine, and fruit juice for optimal health benefits.


For further self-care tips, why not read our previous blog on how to get a good night’s sleep?


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