Posted on: 16 November, 2021

How to Improve Creativity | Discover Your Creative Flair With These Autumnal Crafts

Are you keen to discover how to improve creativity? Here are our top tips for making beautiful autumnal crafts to help you discover your creative flair.

Do you want to know how to improve creativity?


Getting creative can help to relieve stress and provide a meaningful pastime. 


If you’ve not explored your creative side yet, here are some tips to help bring out your inner artist:

How to Improve Creativity: Listen to Music

Listening to music can stimulate your creative side, and is great for helping you to express yourself.


Why not try picking up a paintbrush and exploring brushwork on the page along with the music? Abstract art can be beautiful, and can also help to provide a release for your emotions.


Use different colours and directions to add layers to your masterpiece; you may even want to frame it.


You could try painting in different locations; perhaps sitting in front of the fire with a hot chocolate will inspire you, or in your back garden amongst nature?

Empty Your Mind to Improve Creativity

Yoga, mindfulness and meditation can all help to improve your creativity. Why not try going for an autumnal walk and paying attention to the changing seasons around you?


As you notice the different colours and falling leaves, you may find the inspiration to paint or draw what you see.


You could take this opportunity to try new crafts. Try using wax crayons to make tree rubbings, or collect different leaves, flowers and other autumnal treasures to create a collage.

Create Some Autumnal Masterpieces

Whilst out walking, why not look for different coloured leaves to make your very own lantern?


You just need a selection of leaves, an old mason or jam jar and some PVA glue. Clean and dry the jar, and then paste the outside in glue. Stick the leaves on (try to apply them in single layers), and then glue over the top. 


Once it’s fully dry, pop a tealight into the jar and the flame will glow through the leaves, leaving you with a beautiful autumnal lantern. 


You could gift this to your family or friends; to wrap it, simply tie some twine around the neck with a stem of berries.

Improve Creativity: Make a Hanging Ice Sculpture

Is there anything more magical than a beautiful ice sculpture?


Simply find a small pot (such as a small tealight holder or an ice cube tray) and fill it with water. Then, go on a nature hunt and look for some small berries, leaves or plants, and add them to the water.


Next, cut a small piece of twine and put the two ends in the water, and make sure to leave the loop hanging over the edge. Leave it outside on a frosty night when the temperature drops to freezing.


By morning, the water will have frozen, encasing your leaves and berries in the ice. Remove the sculpture from the mould and, using the twine as a handle, hang your decoration somewhere outside – such as from a branch.


It won’t last long, so make sure you take plenty of photos!


Improving creativity can help to boost your mood and your mental wellbeing. Why not read our previous blog for tips on how to be happy?


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