Posted on: 23 September, 2021

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise | How to Maximise Wellbeing

What are the mental health benefits of exercise for seniors? We look at the importance of staying active to improve your mental wellbeing as you get older.

Are you looking to improve your fitness and overall wellbeing?


Exercise can help improve your physical and mental health in many different ways, from improved sleep to reduced stress.


This week, we’re exploring the mental health benefits of exercise:

Reducing Stress and Relieving Tension

Exercise releases endorphins that help you to feel good by reducing stress, whilst providing a distraction from everyday life, offering you time away from any pressures you may be facing.


The chemicals released in your brain can help to forge new neural connections and evoke feelings of calm – so eventually, you’ll associate exercise with positive feelings.


Exercise can also provide short-term relief from anxiety and depression. However, if you regularly struggle with low mood, it’s important to seek medical advice.


When you exercise, it can be helpful to be mindful throughout your workout; by staying present in the moment and noticing the sound of your breath, or the feel of your feet hitting the ground, you can feel calmer and more relaxed. This is particularly true in low impact, calming exercises, such as yoga.

Yoga Has Lots of Mental Health Benefits
Yoga Has Lots of Mental Health Benefits

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise: Increasing Your Energy Levels

Regular exercise is great for boosting your energy levels in the long term. If you don’t exercise, you may feel sluggish and unmotivated.


If, however, you incorporate a workout into your daily routine, you may find that your mind becomes sharper and you have more energy for enjoying other aspects of your life. A high energy dance workout, for example, can increase your heart rate and help you feel prepared for a busy day. 

Improving Your Sleep Pattern

Exercise can help to promote a better sleep pattern and regulate your cycle, which can, in turn, improve your mood throughout the day as you’ll be well-rested. This can help to increase your awareness and cognitive abilities.


A good nights’ sleep is important for your mental wellbeing. Why not try a gentle yoga session before bed to help stretch your muscles after a long day and wind you down ready for a restful slumber?

Exercise Can Improve Your Sleep Patterns
Exercise Can Improve Your Sleep Patterns

Instilling a Sense of Confidence With Better Posture

Exercise can help you to feel more confident in yourself, which can help to boost your mood. Feeling fitter and healthier and having better posture can all contribute to feelings of confidence and pride. Posture-based exercises, such as yoga and pilates, can help to develop healthy habits that you carry with you into your daily life.


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